The New Half Blood Camp
Come sign up and join camp today!
The New Half Blood Camp
Come sign up and join camp today!
The New Half Blood Camp
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 About Camp!

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It has been many years since the adventures of Percy Jackson. It is long past his era by these days now we have a new era coming towards us. Not only do we hold Greek Demigods here but we now have combined with the the Roman Demigods. We have decided to move to a new location, although there is still the same camps, for the Greeks, and the Romans only but now we have opened up a new camp in the middle. This camp is placed in Manitoba, Canada. It is in the most central part between California and New York. This is where all Roman and Greek Demigods come together and unite. We have resided by Lake Winnipegosis and right near that is the Baldy mountains.

As a new camper you will be placed against another new camper if there is one and you two will spar for one round. The group leaders will watch and study your movements and then decide if they'd like to offer you a spot in their group. If you have more than two group leaders ask of you to be in their group you get to pick which one you'd like to join and which one you believe to be better off in. If no group leaders want you then you will be thrown into a random group based on a random roll. From there on your group will deal with you and you perhaps need to train and work harder if you couldn't please at least one of the group leaders.

Now that we discussed what happens when you enrol here, how about the good old groups we have at camp. At Camp we have four groups here.

Dignus (The Worthy)
Argutus (The Intelligent)
Fidelis (The Loyal)
Dolosus (The Deceitful)

The Dignus have an area over near the beachy areas and they take up a majority of that. As for the Argutus, you'll generally find them up in the mountains where their home is, they have a big cabin up there where they all go in, they know their ways around that mountain fairly well, only the intelligent will be able to figure out the works of the mountain. As for the Fidelis, you'll often seem them in the meadow together laughing and doing what they do best. As for Dolosus the ones who will probably lie to you the most and have ticks up their sleeves, they are usually deep into the forest hidden from the naked eye, they're quite sneaky that way.

Now as for other things that you may see happen here at camp is we'll have big games of capture the flag, usually in the past it's two teams but this time you have four teams so who ever can capture all four flags first will win. These games tend to take up the whole day and are great for training on how to fight and harness some of your demigod abilities.

As for Chariot rides, we'll have four chariots that all the demigods designed and built themselves. They will then race in the the track that was made. Each week there the groups get turns picking which track they want to race around the camp.

For the these two games above each game you win, you'll get two points, each game you lose you will get a point taken away and the losing groups will have to go clean something like the bathrooms or whatever your group was assigned to. By the end of the year, who ever has the most points will get their names written on the fame board for that year to be known.

To explain group leaders a bit more, they were put there because they were voted in, but for some reason if you get three or more group members who complain about the group leader than someone from that group who wants to be the leader will get to challenge the leader. They will then spar for five rounds and by the end of them, if the group leader lost he or she will have to resign and give up spot to the opponent that the leader had faced. If the leader won he or she will resume their duties and get to put the opponent on clean up duty around their area for a week.

Any questions feel free to PM one of the admins.
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About Camp!
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