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 Quest Rules And Hand-Guide

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PostSubject: Quest Rules And Hand-Guide   Quest Rules And Hand-Guide EmptyTue Oct 23, 2012 3:04 pm

Every month, there will be some quests handed out for demigods to complete together. The way it will work, is you will get a quest that will have it's own structure and rules to it and you must role-play it through.

First thing is first, all members in you quest get to post ONCE. It's a turn deal. After you all post once and Admin who assigned the quest to you will then make an environment post on your surroundings and the outcome of something. For example.

Quote :
Sally had been wandering around the forest for a bit looking for a clue and she hadn't been watching her footing. She hadn't tripped though, and she continued to look for a sign or anything that would lead her and her two companions on their quest.

Quote :
June had been following behind Sally and she could sense tension all around them, and she was cautious on what was going on around her. June didn't like the feeling she had been getting and she opened her mouth to say something but stopped.

Quote :
Rick, hadn't been paying attention at all and he was dancing and singing in his head just doing his own thing. Nothing felt wrong to him and nothing seemed to be out of line, he had been making all the birds fly away by the noise he was making.

Then you'd need to wait for an admin post like.

Quote :
Rick had fallen into a pit hole while Sally walked into a tree, June was left with having to find a way to get Rick out of the pit.

That's how that'd go. Now that you have the basic ideas, you should know that once a month, we'll have an announcement on some quests and you'll get to sign up for one if you'd like one. Then we will go ahead and draw random names for each different quest. Then those who do a quest will figure out who you will take with you.

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Quest Rules And Hand-Guide
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